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HOVR™ Delivers

Unconscious Calorie Burning

Mayo Clinic, pioneers of the NEAT™ concept, released an official study that confirms that HOVR use can increase caloric expenditure by approximately 20%, compared to normal sitting. These results support findings previously made by a study performed by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois. (As is customary, until these findings are published in a scientific journal, the complete study will not be released to the public.)

NEAT™ Certified

One of the first products specifically designed to incorporate NEAT™ movement, HOVR™ was certified NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) by Mayo Clinic in 2015. Low levels of movement ensures one's NEAT™ is active which, in turn, plays a major role in sustainable weight loss and improvement in overall health.


Cognitive Productivity

The Department of Kinesiology at UIC carried out a study which found that the continuous use of HOVR™ did not reduce cognitive productivity.


'Walking' While Sitting

HOVR™ produces the closest activity to walking while remaining seated with the added benefit of not being mentally distracting. By allowing for multi-directional leg movements and leg swinging that mimic walking, HOVR may help counteract many of the problems associated with extended sitting.


Unconscious Movement

Ground-breaking research recently published in The Journal of Epidemiology found that ''...the problem is the absence of movement rather than sitting.’' HOVR™ creates intuitive motion which provides many of the health benefits that come from movement. While Standing and Sit-Stand desks provide little or no movement, HOVR™ movement produces sufficient piezoelectricity to illuminate a light bulb.



HOVR™ shows exciting promise in the area of education and may be of great benefit for any activity that is task oriented and that requires focus and cooperation, such as the classroom or while studying. HOVR’s unconscious motion satisfies the need to move for hyperkinetic learners, or those who benefit from “fidgeting” in order to focus. There may be a special place for HOVR for those with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It has long been observed that an outlet for movement can improve the behavior and performance of some with this condition.

Diabetes/Glucose Tolerance

HOVR™ provides a unique way to move and exercise while sitting throughout the day, and may have a significant impact on blood sugar control. Research studies are being planned to examine this possibility.


Wheelchair/Assisted Living

HOVR™ provides safe and comfortable calorie burning activity as well as improved circulation and joint health in a secure way. HOVR™ can be positioned in front of a chair, couch or even a wheelchair, making it a flexible option for those who are challenged by balance difficulty, impaired mobility, or fear of falling.

Improved Circulation

HOVR™ produces natural physical movement which activates the muscles of the legs aiding in the pumping of blood back to the body. Improved circulation reduces pooling of blood, swelling of the legs, and the risk of blood clots.


Mayo Clinic Study of the HOVR - Summary


Executive Summary: Effects of the AirSurfer (aka HOVR) on NEAT and Cognitive Function - University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Kinesiology


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